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Garden landscaping Edinburgh & the Lothians from Colinton Gardening Services

Thank you for visiting the garden landscaping Edinburgh & the Lothians section of our web site. We offer a free, no obligation consultation so please contact us regarding your soft and hard garden landscaping project.

Our qualified gardeners, plants men and gardeners will work with you to help you with your garden design, general garden services, produce a planting plan, build the soft landscaping elements and maintain your garden. We have relationships with local garden designers and professional garden landscapers to help your garden develop its potential. Our specific skills are with planting design and hard landscape gardening.

garden patios, garden decking, driveways Edinburgh & dry stone dyke walling

We have completed projects from a few hundred pounds to over £10k so whatever your budget is we can devise a solution. We are a professional landscaping company, garden construction, general garden services and offer a full garden design service. We can design and build your garden landscaping project.

We won the Garden landscaper of the Year 2015 and we are the Evening News small business of the year 2012. Read about winning this award or you can download the Evening News article.

Our landscape gardeners and garden construction services for Edinburgh, Midlothian include:

Raised beds - both stone and wooden sleepers :: garden patio, paths and paving
Stone and brick work - qualified stone masons :: expert plant knowledge (bespoke planting plans)
Garden makeovers :: dry stone dyke walling
Garden lighting :: garden fencing :: garden gates :: garden design
garden decking :: Monoblock driveways, Block Paving driveways and tarmac / concrete driveways
garden furniture & garden storage

We offer a free, no obligation consultation for your garden makeover so please feel free to contact us.

The term Soft Landscaping is used by garden designers and gardeners to describe the vegetative elements of a design. Hard Landscaping is used to describe construction materials used in the design.

What budget for a garden landscaping project in Edinburgh?

Property experts suggest setting aside between 4-10% of your house value to renovate your garden / driveway project. The amount is based on how much value you will actually add by taking on this garden landscaping project. Potential property buyers will always look for well designed and constructed outdoor space, and they prioritise it highly. If you are struggling to set a garden landscaping budget then give us a call for a free, no obligation consultation to discuss your options.

Garden landscaping Edinburgh & the Lothians services

We generally complete a planting plan for your soft landscaping project towards the end of the hard landscaping. The reason for this is once the hard landscaping structure is in place we can then discuss your soft landscaping options.

There are always plants for the soil conditions, water demands, aspect (sun, partial shade, shade), maintenance requirements and your soft landscaping budget.

Low maintenance plants? Not a problem. A high quality weed sheet, stapled to the ground, and landscaping bark placed on top? Not a problem and this will minimise your weeding and at the same time allow rain water through. Got a specific plant in mind? Not a problem, we will find a local soft landscaping supplier that can source it.

garden landscaping Edinburgh - a completed project.

Please note, we are only a phone call away for a friendly chat about your soft landscaping & hard landscaping choices.

Planting out your garden design & garden landscaping project (bespoke planting plan)

We are now ready to begin the soft landscaping part of your garden landscaping project and will develop a bespoke planting plan for your garden space. We will take into consideration your aspirations for colour, season of interest, height, fragrance and budget. We have sourced garden plants from a few pence through to just under £950 for one plant. We have a solution for every planting budget.

Our qualified gardeners will make sure to treat all your plants carefully. We will place them, still in the pots, where the soft landscaping design tells us to. Once you are happy with where the plants are placed we can start to plant them.

Obviously we will dig a deep and wide enough hole to give the plant space to grow. We will also use bone meal, appropriate compost, slow release fertiliser and any ties / steaks that are required.

Most of our garden landscaping customers use us for garden maintenance services from weekly right the way to once a season just to lend a helping hand.

We will help you to source the plants from trade nurseries, the plants will be delivered right to your door, we will position the plants as per the planting plan so that you can plant out - or we can do the planting for you.

Images from a garden landscaping project in Edinburgh

Edinburgh garden landscaping project - notice circluar bed

Edinburgh garden landscaping project - notice curved brick edging

Edinburgh garden landscaping project - notice curved brick edging

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Examples of our garden landscaping services

garden patios Edinburgh

There are many choices you will need to make for your garden paving and "garden patio Edinburgh" project.

size & shape
use a set size of a stone circle or custom cut a stone circle
what materials to use - block paving, slabbs, monoblocks
how to border your garden patio - use monoblocks for edging
how to handle drainage
what style of patio paving
any particular colour or surface requirements

We can design your garden patio for you and show you some garden patio ideas from previous paving projects. There is no "one size for all" patio solution as all paving projects are different. For complex garden patios and garden paving projects we would recommend developing a garden design document. This will help us highlight any problems, (such as drainage) and offer solutions (soak away drains).

During our initial site visit we will asses the aspect and measurements of your garden patio and highlight any groundwork or preparation works that are required. We can help you with Edinburgh garden patio - circlethe choice of what type of slabbing to use. It is very much up to what your budget is and what your personal taste is. We have sourced garden patio materials from a few pounds a meter through £70 a square meter. There are options available to you whatever your garden patio budget is.

We can leave trade magazines with you that have pictures of slabbing materials available and also costs of materials.

Have you considered installing lights? What about patio heaters or external power points.

From this meeting we can give you a detailed estimate (materials and labour) and project timescale's.

We have a portfolio of garden patio projects that we can walk you through during this visit.

All our garden patio projects are built on a strong foundation of hard core. We then cement each slab into place. We are expert patio installers.

Garden Patio & Paving Care, Maintenance and Cleaning for Edinburgh

After a few years you may have to re-grout the garden patio / paving slabs using a specialist, weed suppressing sand. Most garden patios take less than few hours to treat with this sand. Depending on the weather and aspect of your patio we recommend pressure washing your garden patio once a year.

Sourcing your garden patio materials and paving slabs in Edinburgh

We have excellent relationships with Edinburgh suppliers of patio materials / paving slabs. It is possible to source Scottish materials from local quarries such as Caithness Flagstone.

Edinburgh garden patio example

Edinburgh garden patio example Edinburgh garden patio example

Cheap garden patio materials

It is a false economy to source cheap garden patio slabs. For sure, you could save a few pounds on unbranded slabs. But will they stand up to our weather? It is possible that cheap patio / paving slabs may not be frost proof and over time they will delaminate. Are they ethically sourced? Some paving and patio materials come from India / Bangladesh. We only use materials that our suppliers have policies in place to ensure fare treatment of local staff.

Examples of our garden patio Edinburgh services

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garden decking Edinburgh

Our garden decking designs are bespoke to your project. We will produce a garden design drawing to asses options and impacts for your garden decking project. We are here to help you with friendly advice on subjects such as choosing timber decking (soft wood or hard wood), timber cladding and whether to build garden storage under the decking.

garden decking ideas

There are many choices to consider on such as what decking materials to use (decking boards / timber decking / composite decking), what colour staining / decking treatment to use, hardwood looks superior but also has a cost impact.

During our initial site visit we will take measurements of the decking solution, find out what groundwork's / site preparation is required and your choice of decking materials.

Please remember that we are here to help you with your decisions and can bring you samples of decking boards / decking products and trade magazines.

There may be options to decide such as the installation of lights / outside electrical points. We will then be able to give you our estimate of labour / materials and time scales.

We have a extensive portfolio of garden decking projects and would be delighted to walk you through some of them during our initial site visit.

Garden Decking Edinburgh

Case Study of a Garden Decking Installation.

The image of a decking installation shows a completed garden decking project. Notice that this decking project was built on different levels and was built into the steps to the garden. The position of the decking was ideal as it capture the sun from late afternoon onwards. This garden decking installation was completed on time and on budget.

We make sure that all our garden decking installations are built on a strong foundation that will stand the test of time.

We are qualified and professional decking contractors and are a phone call away from a friendly discussion about your garden decking project.

Garden decking care, maintenance and cleaning

Depending on the weather and the aspect of your garden decking project we would recommend that your sand off any flaking stain / decking treatment, pressure wash the decking and re-treat with decking stain / decking oil / wood preservative. This once a year treatment will help against moss / lichens / mold and ensure that the decking does not become slippy. Indeed, most preservatives contain anti-fungicides that will help mould, prevent rot and lichens.

Examples of our garden decking Edinburgh services

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driveways Edinburgh specialist

We have an extensive portfolio of completed "driveways Edinburgh" projects using the very best quality of driveway materials.

We are a phone call away from a friendly discussion about your Edinburgh driveway project.

We are experts in monoblock driveways, block paving driveways and concrete / tarmac driveways.

Edinburgh monoblock driveway & block paving installers

The saying "you only get one chance at making a good first impression" is appropriate here. A beautiful driveway & garden landscaping project will create a powerful first impression. Maybe this is the time to consider some garden fencing ( there is a huge range of garden fence panels that we can show you ) or garden gates to help with your landscaping project.

Edinburgh monoblock drivewayProperty in Edinburgh & the Lothians is among the most expensive in Scotland. When it comes to your new monoblock, block paving and driveways Edinburgh project - why take any chances with your driveway design and driveway installation project? Sourcing "cheap" driveway materials (monoblock, block paving and tarmac materials) are a false economy. As with all garden landscaping materials, if your use cheap materials, you will get a cheap look. And further, these driveway materials will not stand the test of time and could delaminate over the course of just one winter.

There is government legislation (SUDS) that you will need to consider. We have the in house expertise that answers this legislation and we can discuss it during our initial visit. Basically the legislation covers the topic of drainage for your driveway project.

Our driveways Edinburgh, monoblock paving and block paving installers expertise

We offer the following areas of expertise for your driveway project:

Bespoke driveway design
Professional driveway installation
Driveway drainage solutions - Government regulation (SUDS)
Driveway block paving, monoblock driveway paving
Resin bonded driveways
Driveway Setts & Cobbles
Driveway circles & Octants
Driveway natural stone paving
Driveway concrete paving

Examples of our driveways Edinburgh & garden landscaping services

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dry stone dyke walling Edinburgh

Images from a dry stone walling project in Edinburgh

Edinburgh garden design - note terracing and stone retaining walls.Edinburgh garden design - note use of Indian Flagstone for patio.Edinburgh garden design - note use of wooden sleepers for steps.

Edinburgh garden design - note multi level terracing and retaining walls.Edinburgh garden design - note stone dyke walling.Edinburgh garden design - note top view of steps made from wooden sleepers.

Edinburgh garden design - note top view of terracing / stone dyke walling.Edinburgh garden design - note close up of stone dyke walling.Edinburgh garden design - another view of stone dyke walling.

Edinburgh garden design - note stone dyke walling.Edinburgh garden design - close up of stone dyke walling.Edinburgh garden design - overview of Indian flagstone patio.

Edinburgh garden design - another view of stone dyke walling.Edinburgh garden design - note retaining wall built using randowm rubble.Edinburgh garden design - another stone dyke wall.

Edinburgh garden design - note use of crannock ice chippings.Edinburgh garden design - note use of coping stone.

Our dry stone walling process for Edinburgh

When you authorise us to build your dry stone walling project you are employing garden landscapers who have expert working knowledge of construction and building techniques.

We will work with you to build an understanding of your needs, likes and dislikes that are personal to your project. The choice of stone is central to your project. Maybe the stone is chosen to match your existing walls or house. The completed design will be drawn up so our landscapers can estimate the cost to build your dry stone walling project.

We will help to project manage both the design and build phase of your project.

Building your Edinburgh dry stone wall

Our experienced landscapers will construct your dry stone wall project in a friendly and professional manner

Our team will source the dry stone walling materials from our suppliers and these dry stone walling materials will be delivered straight to your property.

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Our garden landscaping blog

Our current articles are:
"your garden design project - what is a reasonable budget?", "5 garden design books you should read", "your garden design project checklist", "10 pinterest boards to follow about garden design", "advice on choosing a garden design company" and "your Edinburgh garden design project - where to go for materials".

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Our Edinburgh & the Lothians based garden landscaping teams

So why not contact us for a free, no obligation consultation about our Edinburgh & the Lothians based garden landscaping team and find out how we can design and build the landscape construction the garden of your dreams.

Our qualified gardeners will be delighted to hear from you and answer any questions you may have. We offer a complete garden maintenance service that we tailor to you and your garden. You can use us every week through once a season.

Our tree surgeon Edinburgh services

We are experts in all aspects of tree surgeon services including tree felling, tree crowning and pruning, stump removal, tree planting, tree trimming, tree pollarding and would be delighted to answer any of your questions.