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lawn care, lawn maintenance & grass cutting

Thank you for visiting the lawn care, grass cutting and lawn maintenance section our web site. Here you will find out about our lawn care program which we will tailor to your lawns requirements.

Lawn Maintenance
Lawn Care Procedure
Early / Mid
Mid / Late
Early / Mid
Mid / Late
Early / Mid
Mid / Late
Grass Cutting Roll before mowing if turf is listed by frost Mow weekly. Adjust mower to summer cut height Mow 1-3 times a week as required Mow 1-3 times a week (set mower higher in dry periods) Raise height of cut as growth rate slows Set mower to winter cut height Lightly mow if there is new growth
Watering May be needed in dry regions Water as necessary Water well in dry periods Occasionally water if dry
Fertilizing Apply spring fertiliser Summer fertiliser Apply autumn fertiliser
Aerating and scarifying Lightly scarify Spike or slit areas subject to heavy wear Scarify and aerate lawn to remove thatch Aerate lawn if not done in early autumn
Weed and moss control Apply lawn sand in place of spring feed if moss present Apply weed killer Apply weed killer if not applied in early summer Apply weed killer, treat moss with lawn sand
Pest and disease control Apply pesticide / fungicide as necessary
Other procedures Re cut edges if required, carry out and restoration work Brush away any worm casts on the lawn Top dress after autumn renovation Remove fallen leaves Remove leaves and service tools

For detailed information about this table please see The Royal Horticultural Society

Lawn Care Annual Maintenance

In addition to routine tasks such as watering and grass cutting regular lawn care is required to reduce the risks of pests or diseases and to keep the lawn looking healthy. A lawn care program should involve aeration (scarifying and thatch removal), fertilising and control of moss, weeds, pests and diseases. We offer turfing, mowing, weed treatment, scarify & fertiliser for your lawn care services. Generally we will visit a few times to for your lawn treatment.

Aerating the turf.
There are several ways of aerating the soil and removing thatch. Scarifying, slitting and spiking are the main methods of aerating the turf. It is important not to perform these tasks in dry periods as they make the lawn more vulnerable to drought in the short term.

Scarifying the lawn is a technique to remove thatch and permits air to enter the surface of the lawn.

Slitting the lawn with a machine is a technique where the blades cut slits through the thatch which permits air to penetrate the soil.

Spiking the lawn allows air to enter the soil encouraging rout growth

Moss Control
The reasons for moss in the lawn are varied but include soil compaction, poor drainage, mowing the lawn too closely. Treat the area with a moss killer then scarify to remove the moss.

Turf Laying
We are professionals at turf laying and have contacts to supply turf for typical and specialist purposes. For example, if you have a shady area of lawn we can source lawn turf for shady areas.

We can remove the grass clippings / moss / lawn care waste or help you compost them. We can also tell you which lawn products we would use.

We are qualified plants-men, and gardeners and offer a highly professional garden landscaping services. We would be delighted to hear from you and answer any questions you may have. We also offer garden makeover, and trimming services to give you an instant garden effect.

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