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garden pond Edinburgh example

our garden ponds Edinburgh & water feature services

Our garden pond designs are bespoke to your project. We will produce a garden design drawing to asses options and impacts for your garden pond and water feature project. We are here to help you with friendly advice on subjects such as choosing filters, pond liners, pumps and fountains. We love helping you choose plants for your pond - from water lilies to plants that help keep the garden pond clean/oxygenated. We can advise on having different pond depths for deep/marginal/bog planting

There is no better way to attract wildlife to your garden than a garden pond. Garden birds, pollinating insects and aquatic creatures need water to survive.

Also, by having a fountain/water feature you can introduce sound to your garden. If you live near a busy road then the sound of a water fall can help reduce the impact of traffic noise.

Scottish Wildlife Trust

"In the last century, more than half of all ponds in the UK countryside have been lost. With more than two thirds of freshwater species relying on pond habitats, one of the best things that you can do to add wildlife value to your garden or neighbourhood is to install a wildlife pond."

They have an excellent article "how to create a wildlife pond" by The Scottish Wildlife Trust.

Edinburgh garden ponds & water feature ideas

There are many choices to consider when building your garden pond. We can discuss all these options during a consultation visit.

Video of a garden pond and landscaping project

During our initial site visit we will take measurements for your garden pond, decide the aspect, find out what groundwork's/site preparation is required and your choice of pond materials.

Please remember that we are here to help you with your decisions and can bring you samples of pond materials.

garden pond Edinburgh example

We have a extensive portfolio of garden ponds projects and would be delighted to walk you through some of them during our initial site visit.

garden pond Edinburgh example

Case Study of an Edinburgh garden pond construction.

The images here show you some of the garden ponds we have designed and built. These options are bespoke to you, pond liner and preformed ponds. Clearly a bespoke pond is considerably more expensive than a preformed pond. We have installed small preformed ponds in a day - even a small pond will attract wildlife to your garden.

Once we have chosen the aspect of the pond we will dig out the size and depth of your pond - generally we will have a variety of depths which is great for planting and wildlife. For larger ponds we will hire a mini digger, seek outdoor power for filters/pumps. How to edging a pond and creating shady areas is something we can discuss.

garden pond Edinburgh example

Aquatic planting

When designing a pond it is important to have different levels - marginal, bog, deep, so we can attract all types of wildlife. We will also introduce some oxygenating pond plants. We can chose these pond plants to match any colour/height requirements you may have.

pond maintenance, cleaning and repair

Keeping on top of pond maintenance is quite important for the health of aquatic plants and animals and would recommend a thorough clean (remove leaves, thin planting, clean the pond filter and service the pond pump) every year.We also have experience of repairing leaky ponds.

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